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SvennoJ said:
Ryuu96 said:

Idk, Lol.

Maybe it's just a weird Jim thing, Jim was born in Britain right? Though he obviously lives in America now.

To me, it just looks inappropriate to talk about such a sensitive issue and then in the same post bang on about something completely unrelated and ultimately irrelevant in his personal life, it feels like an attempt to shove the issue to the side, he could have sent it in a separate email and that would have been better but at the same time I also think, why does he need to send his employees that email at all?

It's just odd, imagine your boss sending a company wide email about the cake he had for lunch, haha, it's just like, why? He can tell that stuff to employees he's friends with but I for one wouldn't give a crap about my bosses personal weekly life updates being emailed to me, post that crap on Linkedin or Twitter, Lol. Maybe if they were all friends with him but we're talking thousands of employees, unless he only sent the email to the bosses of the studios. 

I did find his obedient dog comment a bit odd too, I can be reading too much into it but I don't like the framing of telling your employees not to do something and then immediately talking about how you like dogs cause they're obedient, if say, CGI came into ModChat to tell us off and then immediately pivoted to "I like dogs, they're obedient" I would also find that pretty suspicious, Lol.

Boss trying to be 'human'. I had one of those, used the company email as well, but that was before Twitter. (Which I hate anyway)

I think you're reading too much in the dog comment lol. That's the world we live in nowadays I guess. Not everything is a metaphor.

Cat people I guess ;)

If you had a cat you would also be jealous of a dog's obedience!

Perhaps Ryan needs a corporate filter as well...


Though I also like dogs because they're obedient

Ryan needs a PR guy following him around.

^ Also the following above is a joke, that is not why I like dogs.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 18 May 2022