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iron_megalith said:

Oh please. Jon Stewart in his prime days was at least hitting both sides equally and was actually funny. He made fun of the absurdity of both right and left wing media. John Oliver on the other hand is an unfunny partisan hack who rode the "Orange man bad/Republicans bad" dick as hard as all the other mainstream comedic political commentators.

If you want a great example of John Oliver's bullshit, look no further than the time when he was making fun of Trump for saying tearing down statues was a slippery slope. Boy did his joke age like milk.

Oh and thanks for labeling me a conservative in this thread. Never fails to make me laugh when someone does this shit.

A lot has changed since the Jon Stewart days. While there is certainly a lot to criticize in the current Democratic Party, the Republican Party is so ludicrously far off the rails that it just doesn't really make sense to treat them both equally. The problems in the two parties are nowhere near comparable and in my opinion, it would be downright irresponsible to treat them otherwise.