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Runa216 said:
iron_megalith said:

This post is actually serious. Had to just come back to this thread to say thanks for the laughing material.

I love that so many conservatives are so willing to proudly show off their lack of critical thinking skills by automatically denouncing anything they can without actually debunking the sources or the facts. 

"Oh, John Oliver is a comedian and you think he's right about stuff! WHAT A FOOL YOU ARE!" 

Have you actually checked any of his claims? Do you have any ability or desire to learn how to cite sources or discern between good and bad information? Any time I see or hear something out of him that doesn't feel right - be it too conveniently true or outlandish - even if it's something that supports my opinion, I check his sources. I google the information, I cross reference the data to make sure that it's not just some fringe result in a single botched test or something. 

The fact that he's a comedian shouldn't dissuade you from taking what he says seriously. Some of the best news outlets over the past 20+ years have been ones that give you true facts through a filter of comedy. Because they work extra hard to make sure those statements are correct because certain fools will absolutely try to denounce anything they say. 

I wish I could find the source again, but I remember reading in 2009 or somewhere around there that people who watched John Stewart and Stephen Colbert were more accurately informed about modern politics than those who watched CNN or MSNBC or Fox, and those are actual news stations. 

but what am I wasting my time for? When it comes to some people, it's not 'how good are your sources' or 'how reliable are your interpretations of the data', it's 'lol liberals are all the worst and will take anything they can get'. And I think that is what gets me the most about all of this. It's not about fact vs fiction, it's liberals vs conservatives. It just so happens to be that the FACTS support one side more than the other. That's not liberal media bias, that's science. Sadly, any science that doesn't confer with your views can be ignored for a grab-bag of convenient reasons, ya know? 

Oh please. Jon Stewart in his prime days was at least hitting both sides equally and was actually funny. He made fun of the absurdity of both right and left wing media. John Oliver on the other hand is an unfunny partisan hack who rode the "Orange man bad/Republicans bad" dick as hard as all the other mainstream comedic political commentators.

If you want a great example of John Oliver's bullshit, look no further than the time when he was making fun of Trump for saying tearing down statues was a slippery slope. Boy did his joke age like milk.

Oh and thanks for labeling me a conservative in this thread. Never fails to make me laugh when someone does this shit.

Last edited by iron_megalith - on 17 May 2022