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RolStoppable said:

From my experience, freedom of speech is all too often misunderstood as entitlement to agreement, so almost all of the time a complaint about lack of free speech is actually a complaint that the majority does not agree with the expressed points of view. Which usually makes the whole thing the opposite of a desire for free speech, because the real goal is the creation of an echo chamber where differing points of view are supposed to be oppressed.

I am quoting the first post I made in this thread, because it proved to be all too true. The creator of this thread, padib, has been caught red-handed.

Both accounts' reasoning for a permaban is "Padib Alt; Also used to manipulate the upvote/downvote system."

For those who aren't aware of how the upvote/downvote system can be manipulated, I'll explain. Gold supporters of this website get four times the voting power of a non-supporter, so this means that padib had 12 times the voting power when factoring in his main account that is also a gold supporter. The next important thing to know is that the downvote threshold to make comments on VGC articles a lot less visible has been increased to 10 not too long ago. Having 12 times the voting power allowed padib to drop any comment he didn't like below this threshold all on his own; and of course 12 times the voting power also allows someone to move the comments they like to the top, because comments are listed in order of popularity.

This interpretation of free speech is definitely not how the majority understands the definition of free speech.

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