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Voted for 160m+. I imagine Nintendo will reach their goal for current FY, so I'm expecting Switch total sales to be over 128m by the end of March 2023. I also feel like we will get both BOTW 2 and a Switch revision (not Switch 2) in March 2023. If we do get a Switch revision early next year, then I don't see a successor launching until 2025 (Nintendo would probably prefer Holiday 2025, though I could see March 2025 working as well).

They'd probably sell about 17m between April 2023 and March 2024, putting them over 145m at the end of March 2024. Sales for April 2024 to March 2025 really depend on when the successor launches. If it launches in Holiday 2024, I could see Switch sales being about 8m that FY. Should easily be over 10m if the successor is pushed to 2025. After that, the Switch should hopefully leg it out to over 160m and become the best selling game system.