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Wman1996 said:

Switch Total: 107,367,298

No shortages prediction: 115.5 million

PS5 Total: 19,467,776

No shortages prediction: 25.7 million

Xbox Series X/S Total: 14,428,785

No shortages prediction: 18.3 million

I will skip Switch prediction (as I have other opinion on the matter of sales impacting different consoles with one another, despite the switch is a hybrid there is still audience that can choose one over another) because it will follow fired up discussion. (I've worked in a videogame store before and I have seen many many cases how parents or even kids or teenagers come inside and because the one is not in stock (for example) they choose to buy the other console because they just want to play on something, they don't care on what). Other thing is that the demand seems more when there are shortages in general, giving most of the people reason to think that if it weren't the shortages it would've been way bigger interest in a console that is 6 years old.

As for the PS5 and XBOX Series X/S my predictions are the following:

PS5 Total: 19,467,776

No shortages prediction: 26 million

Xbox Series X/S Total: 14,428,785

No shortages prediction: 16 million

Whereas I again bet on this that some of the sales that happened till now for the xbox have been because of the bigger unavalability of the PS5 and when one person want to play games and the only option in the store or the website is the competitor consoles he will take it (although the Switch case isn't a direct competitor it's still good option for many people when there are no xbox or PS in stock). However in xbox case the shortages also impacted somewhat the sales that's why I think they would be surely higher but wouldn't have so much of a difference like the PS5 ones because of the reason I just stated. And yes I think at least for the first years of this gen if there was enough of a stock for both the difference would be bigger in PS5's advantage and more of the people would choose PS5 over the xbox.

Last edited by yo33331 - on 15 May 2022