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Ok, lets go with other prediction.
-2022 fy: 21~ Million, goint to 129 M
-2023 fy: launch a new switch model, about the same processing power, but with included chip for DLSS to output until 4k (switch pro, new, super, 4k, +, idk), aligned with zelda 2.
The declide would start to pick up due to saturation, but hard push on the new model for people replace their switch by the newer version. More 19 M sold, going to 148M.
-2024 fy: 16M. Starting to see bundles with switch sports and other games, Europe to get the last high numbers. 164 total.
-2025 fy: Sucessor launch. 10M. 174M
-2026 and beyond: 6M
180M LT.