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I didn't start doing VGChartz estimates until 2017. But here are the US estimates we have:

  • DS: 52.78M
  • X360: 45.14M
  • Wii: 41.70M
  • NS: 35.56M

We don't have a breakdown of US sales before the 7th generation, so for PS2 and GBA the best we got is the North America total on this page.

I see @Welfare on InstallBase posted the following figures:

  • NDS: ~53.5M
  • PS2: ~46.4M
  • 360: ~43.2M
  • WII: ~41.7M

If his data is accurate it looks like I need to adjust our US estimates for the DS and Xbox 360. Worldwide totals should remain the same as before, so would need to adjust in the other direction for other regions.

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