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gtotheunit91 said:

Dude….I was only an hour into God of War on PC before signing up to get a PS5 through Sony and finally got mine a month later. I finally 100% the game about a month ago and I was awestruck! Couldn’t believe what I just experienced! Can’t wait for Ragnarok! :)

Nice lol. Yeah idk what it is about it but I was hooked as well. Played the PC version earlier this year to prepare for Ragnarok and its as good as I remember it.  The Valkyries are still a pain the butt!

Also can't believe its been that long since Ragnarok was announced. I remember watching tease trailer in 2020 and instantly went 'I'm gonna have to get a PS5 at launch' and went and preordered xD Amazing pull that series has. They better not delay it!

PotentHerbs said:

I never was a huge fan of the original God of War trilogy.

So to no surprise, I wasn't hyped when it was revealed, the stellar reviews caught my attention but didn't move me, but I ended up buying it during a sale, and oh boy, I was blown away. Instantly became a fan with the direction they took the series in. 

Now its my most anticipated game of the year lol!

Fair play the earlier GoW games are a lot different. It went from a mindless button masher, to some good, meaty and strategic combat. And like how they changed Kratos as a whole from and unlikable protagonist, or antagonist - depending how you look at it; to someone much better and relatable. I personally loved the series up until Ascension.. that was a total disappointment. And was kind of franchise fatigued at that point. But SMS pulled a rabbit out of the hat and the revival really did wonders, and took things up a notch and then some.

Kratos and the cast are so much better in this, as is the combat - which is darn fantastic. Love the epic fights too. The only thing that is maybe a step down is the crazy boss battles in the previous entries. And were absolutely huge in scale and epic-ness; which should be the case considering he going against all the powerhouse Greek gods and Zeus.

The next one is set up to be even crazier, which i can't wait for.. and same! My most anticipated game as well, by far.

Last edited by hinch - on 12 May 2022