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I'm Honduran I believe in teofimo lopez I'm hoping he'll beat Josh Taylor then have a war with Jack Catrell, he will not beat Terence Crawford or Errol Spence he'll get ko'd by both and if he meets Shakur Stevenson he'll might lose that fight but I think a smart lopez beats gervonta davis unless Gervonta unloads something vicious but Teofimo won't get ko'd by Gervonta Davis but will play it safe seen it when Kambrosos dropped teofimo lopez for being emotional and not having a gameplan and underestimated kambrosos I still think Kambrosos is horrible should of been a draw but yeah after teofimo lopez hopefully beats Josh Taylor he'll fight Jack Catrerrel and maybe a Shawn Porter before getting ko'd by Terence Crawford or Errol Spence He's smaller than Danny Garcia but boxes better than Danny Garcia I can never see Danny Garcia at 135lbs beating Lomachenko not his way to deal against the superior Lomachenko abilities. Teofimo still a big name just needs to be focused. Danny Garcia only has a tough chin and a right few moves, Teofimo Lopez very smart IQ and and alot of tools that was shown against vs Loma it was unreal. I want that version of Teofimo Lopez to show up and hopefully smack Josh taylor. Lomachenko would be proud of Lopez. but will understand Jack Catrel vs Lopez .Though Lopez is the superior fighter and Jack Catrell dropped Josh Taylor and was robbed by the judges making Josh taylor win for no reason . when in reality jack catrell won that fight. Teofimo might get ko'd by Catterral.

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