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Canelo`s head movement reminds me of Roberto Duran`s except not as good Panamas Roberto Duran head movement > Canelo head movement, Duran pulled his head back to evade Hearns shots while on the ropes and got knocked out would this tactic have got him knocked out by a prime Hearns?

Roberto Duran headmovement and his amazing feet complimenting eachother thats how he beat the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard until the Rematch were Sugar Ray Leonard beat Duran back. Also Roberto Duran never gets tired unlike Canelo but I love all my Mexicans and other Latinos it's just style of the african which theres like alot of african styles and iron chins that defeat us and Teofimo Lopez is my Hero since he's Honduran and I'm Honduran too. at 0:59 Duran head movement to trap pull back hard right that'll ko most boxers today in his weight class love that part. and other parts. Also 2:03 Duran counter from a flurry energetic opponent duran head movement but hard counters opponent after duran eats .

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