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eva01beserk said:
trunkswd said:

It happens ALL the time...for mainly PlayStation of all platforms. No one seems to care about the gap between shipped vs sold when it comes to Nintendo. Even with PS5 being sold out it can take several weeks for consoles to ship from the manufacture to retailers. So there is the gap.

I guess saying that is easier than just admit this is all speculation and no need to figure out when or where the errors occurred. Since theres almost no more reliable data anymore and your guesses where only based on how many Sony projected to sell.

Our estimates aren't guesses as we get actual data. Sure there are markets not covered, so we need to extrapolate to get worldwide totals. We get figures every week out of Japan and Spain, look at retail availability (mainly for PS5 and Series X), historical sales, and get monthly figures for the US, UK, and Europe. 

Our estimates are never 100% spot on, but I do the best I can with the data available. Which is far less than there used to be.

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