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The internet is good and bad, the good it provides entertainment the bad it increases awareness of items and increases the prices it also leads to racial tensions between Mexicans and Blacks in the boxing scene, Blacks trashing Canelo while Mexicans trash Mayweather and all black fighters . though other latinos like Roman Gonzalez from Nicaruaga don't give a damn about Mexico or blacks/whites. Teofimo Lopez wanted the honduran public to side with him in hating Deontay Wilder, I'm not a bot so I swayed his his to I'm still a fan of Teofimo lopez but won't support his views on control of manipulating the rest of us, The african boxing fans know I love Terence Crawford and Mayweather they are cool with me. Canelo really brought the awful side of most mexican boxing fans while I lead to my Honduran boxing fans that in youtube dont trash wilder or any black boxer because it'll give your fanbase bad vibes. hope this racial tension hatred stops between mexican boxing fans and blacks I said mexican because the other latinos are not doing anything much but we support canelo just we wont go into hate raid bashing wilder LDBC community really loves wilder like Mexicans love Canelo.

57:00 mark till video ends hes bashing canelo fans like no other 78sportstv hurting mexicans hes cold That wilder fan is evil calling any wilder hater a orange picker and Jive turkey, and woman prefer blacks.

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