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I'm by no means an expert on how major acquisitions are handled, but perhaps it can be reasoned that Eidos studios and IP's selling for as cheap as they did is a result of Sony offering to buy SquareEnix at a very high price with the condition of SE quickly selling their western studios so Sony can bypass some FTC complications.

I think it's only a matter of time before Sony starts gobbling up a few Japanese studios (Arc System Works, Kojima Productions, and FromSoftware are other candidates). Then again, the FTC giving Microsoft trouble might have the exact opposite effect of Sony trying to pick up big studios or publishers.

If this does go through, I don't think Nintendo fans have much to worry about. SE could remain semi-autonomous and these smaller 2D/HD2D games, ports, and remasters, will continue releasing on Nintendo platforms, except they wouldn't be exclusive anymore. The few Xbox fans who care about SquareEnix stuff will probably get screwed worse than they already are. And PC will remain king.

I can see DQ12 going timed exclusive on PS5 before getting ported to PC and Switch 2, but even this is unlikely.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 07 May 2022