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Ryuu96 said:
gtotheunit91 said:

I honestly think Capcom has no interest in getting acquired. At least not any time soon. They're doing so incredibly well quarter after quarter leaving the last decade of blunders mostly behind them with a lot of promise going forward. 

And with this whole "PC will be our main platform going forward" initiative Capcom is pursuing, they definitely seem to be more interested in remaining in their current position.

Persona can definitely change though if Microsoft gets Sega in their sights which is always rumored to be the case. Granted this wouldn't be a remote possibility for at least a couple more years. Soul Hackers 2 will be a must this Fall on Xbox! 

This actually reminds me of a video I saw a few weeks back, I can't remember the exact details but it argued against Capcom being acquired, along with the usual "Capcom is all in on PC" and Capcom doing amazing lately, it pointed out that Capcom is a family ran business, the CEO has two sons, both work at Capcom, one is the head of the Monster Hunter division and the video said he wanted to pass the company down to his sons.

I'd have to look into it more but I think if that is true then it's safe to say that Capcom would fight off any acquisition attempt like Ubisoft did in the past.

That's really interesting! Mind sending me a video link if you find it again?