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Imaginedvl said:
gtotheunit91 said:

True but tbf, CoD games are always going to be in top 10's every year regardless of platform lol. I meant more as having them as a first party company when compared to other first party studios under Xbox.

But Ryuu pretty much nailed it. This'll bring in a substantial casual audience to Xbox and by a huge extension, Game Pass.  

I think some are missing half of the equation here :)
Recurring revenues from WOW and games like that + King and the mobile side, those are not showing in this list a represents a lot of the revenues (if not the majority).

I believe the Act/Blizz is really on point; valuations are about revenues not how popular IPs are or how high they are in the charts (charts are really only a fraction of what is going on).

Good point! 

Plus, the slumping numbers for Acti-Blizz recently will all change after this holiday. So many are thinking this is the end, when it's just based off a bad CoD release. 2019 Modern Warefare set records for Activision in every conceivable way. 2022 Modern Warefare 2 will be no different.