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jason1637 said:
gtotheunit91 said:

Yeah, for me, the Activision Blizzard deal still feels weird and honestly out of place.

The ZeniMax deal felt right when it was announced. When I think of franchises like Elder Scrolls, DOOM, Wolfenstein, Fallout, and Quake, I think of PC and Xbox. 

BGS games always had deals with Xbox prior to Skyrim being fully multiplatform for either full exclusivity of their games like Morrowind, or timed exclusivity on their games like Oblivion, but even to the point that it included DLC. I remember Fallout 3 DLC was exclusive to the 360 for a while. 

So that deal felt right to me, but Acti-Blizz.......just doesn't seem like a proper fit lol but that's just me. It definitely is a proper fit financially from Microsoft's perspective lol

Definitely not out of place. 3 of the top 10 selling games on Xbox last month were Activision games.

True but tbf, CoD games are always going to be in top 10's every year regardless of platform lol. I meant more as having them as a first party company when compared to other first party studios under Xbox.

But Ryuu pretty much nailed it. This'll bring in a substantial casual audience to Xbox and by a huge extension, Game Pass.