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trunkswd said:

I am looking forward to several games, but Starfield is easily at the top of my most anticipated game of 2022. Fable would be my number 2 game on that list in the poll, followed by Avowed, Perfect Dark, Everwild, then Redfall. I am also looking forward to Hellblade 2, The Outer Worlds 2, Gears 6 (We know that is coming at some point), and the Bethesda Indiana Jones game. I am sure there are other Xbox first-party games I am looking forward to, but I can't keep track of them all.

I’m excited to find out what Double Fine are working on after Psychonauts 2 but that is my own unhealthy obsession. The only reason I didn’t put The Outer Worlds 2 in there is because Avowed isn’t out yet (which is also why The Elder Scrolls VI isn’t on the list either). I somehow forgot about the Indiana Jones video game but regardless of what other games make the list, Starfield will sweep it.