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Pinkie_pie said:
gtotheunit91 said:

Yeah, idk why fighting games don't have crossplay. Maybe Street Fighter 6 will since Capcom is devoting just as much resources to PC now as on console. Nearly all shooting games do have crossplay though nowadays. 

Tekken 7 is on sale for $30 on Steam for the Originals Edition and $35 for the Definitive Edition. Regular price for that apparently is $110. I know buying games is probably the last thing you're worried about, but games do go on sale very often and the Steam Summer Sale is about to happen in a little over a month where nearly every game on Steam has some sort of sale. 

Street fighter 5 has crossplay since day 1 so no doubt street fighter 6 will have crossplay too. Most third parties fighting games have crossplay I think only tekken and dead or alive don't have crossplay 

If we're talking about crossplay between console and PC, Guilty Gear Strive doesn't have that (yet), nor King of Fighters 15, or Dragonball FighterZ, or Granblue Versus.

They do tend to have cross play between PS4 to PS5, or XBO to SX.
But Guilty Gear Strive will add crossplay with PC some time during the Season 2 update.