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Elon Musk describes himself “socially liberal and fiscally conservative.” Although, he mostly just plays one of Twitter.

“Socially Liberal” and “Fiscally conservative” are also bullshit terms. It’s a semantics game that capitalists play - particularly in the US - to align themselves with both the “Liberal/Democratic” tribe and the “Conservative/Republican” tribe, as well as appear like an enlightened centrist to the independents.

“Socially liberal” means he supports mainstream Western culture—it’s an empty label. You don’t really need a label to say you support liberty, individuality, democracy, and human rights in any western country.

“Fiscally conservative” funny enough, just means economic liberal - it means he opposes government interference in the market, regulations, and taxation and strives to approach laissez faire capitalism as closely as possible.
But, he only plays an economic liberal on Twitter. His corporations are built by billions in government subsidies and fuelled by tens of billions in government contracts. He’s tucked warm in the ass of neoliberalism with big oil, big banks, and the military industrial complex.

Neoliberalism and Musk are no friend of the right-wing in the US, who generally oppose government spending of all sorts. Musk is also no friend of the left, as he lobbies against unions and consumer rights - like he did when he lobbied against the rebate for electric vehicles supplied by union labour - because big auto (like Ford) are unionized and Tesla isn’t.

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