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SegaHeart said:

I wish this thread would just stop talking about the demise of SEGA and talk about what will bring SEGA Ips to their glory again, Though I have no hope in Yakuza since Nagoshi joined Netease, SMilebit developers that made Jet Set Radio is gone, Panzer Dragoon Creator joined Tencent he'll never come back but with funding he'll make another Panzer Dragon Saga 98% metacritic under Tencent, and 3D sonic is not doing too good hope the new game surprises but keep expectations low. Yuji Naka the creator of NiGhts into Dreams left SEGA and made the terrible Wonderland game. So many Sega developers left It's mostly not looking good and It's only Atlus but they only have Persona and Shin Megami don't doesn't sell alot I think just 1 million, Sega is in deep stuff and Christian White the SOnic Mania developer left SEGA and is making his own game feel like a backstab. Atlus is a 2 franchise ip barely sustainable to SEGA need to acquire a better developer than atlus. Wish Capcom was still 150 million so Sega would be in better position.

Also expect Future Yakuza games under Netease and better games,  so many years key developers been poached from SEGA over the years, Nagoshi was our final SEGA superstar employee that was consistant, Nagoshi Yakuza clone under netease will destroy the Actual Yakuza games from Sega , and I'm sad about that. 

Developers > IPS play a better chess game what is an IP without a talent? hope SEGA finds someone young talent Shenmue bombed and all is looking worser which I hate, Keoi Tecmo dead or alive series now sucks but the Creator is with tencent such chess moves I consider Koei tecmo dead or alive and Ninja Gaiden dead series too Tencent is playing chess while rest of game industry playing checkers for IPS and not developers.

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 07 April 2022

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.