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Dulfite said:

Was I happy about Twitter and Facebook censoring conservatives? No.

Do you have examples of this, where they didn't break Terms of Service?
Because I'd wager outside of very rare instances, that's always going to be the case.

If someone goes on Twitter and spreads harmful misinformation, their posts may get flagged, or account suspended for that reason.
If they're let's say religious and harass gay people, they can get suspended for that.

Conservatives in the U.S. are seemingly much more prone to breaking terms of service for obvious reasons.

If someone is bigoted towards minorities, chances are next to zero that they vote for the party with "oPeN bOaRdErS".
If someone is spreading Q-Anon conspiracy theories about jewish space lasers (shoutout to Marjory Taylor Green), if you look at their timeline, chances are they've re-tweeted a lot of comments from a certain red hat wearing president.
If you frequently watch channels like Fox News, who question reality (actual quote from Mike Wallace about why he left the channel) chances are also much higher that you're a conservative.

If you're a holocaust denier, which is illegal in some countries, and a bannable offense here, chances are also very high that you're part of a white supremacist group. And they're traditionally also not big fans of the party that wants 'open borders' or protections for women's rights, etc.

If you're a sexual harasser, predator or deviant, that anti-cancel culture talk is going to start sounding really good at some point. Especially when you get caught.
Which party speaks the loudest about this issue again?

So when the group that is more prone to expressing sentiments that break terms of service face the consequences, they claim it's because they're conservatives. But it's because they broke TOS.

Last edited by Hiku - on 05 April 2022