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Ok since this has turned into an obnoxious debate. It's clear to me that some peeps have been turning a blind to the fact Nintendo is one of the really few publisher/devs to have one of the reasonably better turn out ratio from reveal to release in the industry appart from few occasions. So many titles in the last months and few years back had been announced and yet released in a delay of less than a year.

Heck, they just released a big 3D Kirby game that was shown back in September. Metroid Dread was announced at E3 and subsequently released in October. The first year of the Switch had all its first party titles released in the first year like they shown at the presentation event.

Delays are bound to happen sadly for some projects obviously but people have to be litteraly blind to think that this has been an actual recent problem within the company because of few outliers.

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