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Wyrdness said:

The Master Sword got rekt some how, sounds like the Skies and Ground aren't the only parts of Hyrule maybe Underground and Underwater were added as well they may even have a layered open world where although they're not seamlessly connected they're as big as each other. I get the impression they came up with new ideas along the way and rather than cut them and put them in the next game they decided nah lets extend development, I like that I wish more developers could have that option instead of being forced to a deadline.

It'd be nice to have underwater sections since we found out about this.

xMetroid said:

This game will be literally so huge in content it will be crazy. The possibilities from the Botw mecanics and engine are INSANE. Now put 6 more years into a game and like adjustments from what people didn't like in the first one and you have something incredible. I hope they put more overworld boss and more secrets to discover than just shrines. That's the main takeaway from the first one that i would like to change. But like wow, i'm really not ready for the sequel. It will be literally insane.

CaptainExplosion said:

I hope it brings back more classic Zelda monsters and bosses, because I got sick of fighting different varieties of Ganon after a while.

At least the delay means it might be released around my next birthday, so I don't mind it too much. ^^

They def will i think, seeing how well the Lynels integration was in the 3D games i'm sure they will bring more. 

It was so satisfying taking out a Lynel in Breath of The Wild. I want other classic brutes from Zelda to take on, like Dodongos or Gohma.