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Doctor_MG said:
trunkswd said:

Sony only forecasted to ship 2 million PS5s in Q1 2022. Shortages have hit Sony far harder than Microsoft as the Series S is easier to produce. Although, this week saw a big shipment of Series X consoles.

What is the total sold amount you have for this year for PS5? I have a feeling they might actually miss this forecast unless last week had substantial shipments. A lot of people may argue that shipped isn't sold and VGChartz tracks sold, but with the way that PS5 is always sold out every week they are practically synonymous. 

We have PS5 sales for 2022 at 1,522,651 with 2 weeks left. It is hard to say if they will miss it or not. They were using air freight to ship consoles during the holiday, so we only had about a 300K gap between shipped vs sold. If the gap is a bit bigger it could still mean they hit their forecast as it takes a lot longer to ship by cargo ships. 

As always when Sony releases their quarterly shipment figures we will adjust our number if necessary. 

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