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SegaHeart said:

I feel devestestated I still have no wife or a child I don't get it ? And I might never get one now that that a war is happening somewhere in euope . Am I repulsive? My social skills still very bad. I always wanted a child and I'm super sad rn.

That's how I feel a lot of days these days. Like I'm gonna spend the rest of my life single and childless. I feel you. -_-

SegaHeart said:

I'm the biggest loser that tries so hard to look beautiful but Noone cares except men . they don't want your kids. yes , I don't have a job. That's my actual skin beautiful and pale white and the finest combed long hair and feminine massive eyes that only attract men but not woman , Maybe I should quit and go get a boob job?



DON'T BE RIDICULOUS!!!!! There are good men out there still, but unfortunately most of them keep getting pushed back by misogynist twats who just wanna get women in bed. What really makes a woman attractive isn't being built like a supermodel or wearing less clothing, it's being confident and caring about others!!

SegaHeart said:

My mom strongly is against me having kids , she still want's to feel young and doesn't want to be a grandma (Selfish) , She convinced I think my big sister to never have kids and my little brother 27 years old never had sex with anybody ever .

I cannot believe how fucking selfish your mother sounds. My mother had me when she was 29 and my brother three years earlier, and nobody said shit about that.