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Branko2166 said:
padib said:

Your brain is full of Biden's. Better take the opinions of a professor to clear some air:

This from 2016.

Thank you for posting this link. The lecture by Professor Mearsheimer is very insightful and accurately breaks down the internal dynamics of Ukraine as well as the likely future outcome if the West keeps pushing the Ukraine toward a hard-line anti Russian stance.

Sadly, years later his insights have proven to be prophetic and the greatest victims in all this are the Ukrainians. Clearly there is a significant divide within Ukraine and it was also predictable that it joining NATO was Russia's red line. In that sense, Russia's current actions, as deplorable as they may be from an international law perspective are entirely predictable.

As a fellow Slav my heart bleeds for Ukraine but also for the average Russian as this is the definition of a fratricidal conflict. Talking from a cynical and Machiavellian perspective, the West not only will be sitting this out but they will be happy to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. May this conflict end as soon as possible and I pray that the casualties of the innocent are minimised.

Just want to make a note about posting titles of hour long videos as your argument. (Mainly directed at the poster of the link)

You should add your own conclusions from said material in your post as well. And/or a timestamp to the portion that coincides with the argument you're making.
Because it has been many people's experience here in the past that they go through a very long video, only to find that it was not worth their time, or it was not claiming what the poster was implying, etc.

Even if the person in the video concludes is that Ukraine's situation in 2015 is the fault of the west, that does not mean that he is saying that Russia's stated reasons for the invasion in 2022 are justified in any way.

But because this poster added nothing else to their post, it comes off that way. And the only way for people to argue against it is to sit through 1h and 40 mins, not knowing if it's even relevant to the discussion at hand. Which is not fair to them.

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