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It was very clear from Putin's insane speech about Ukraine's history that he doesn't give a damn about NATO considering he mentioned NATO like once during that speech? The rest of it was essentially how Ukraine doesn't deserve to exist as a country, as it's a former Soviet Union country.

This is just an insane leader who wants to make a legacy for himself and bring back the 'glorious' Soviet Union, NATO is nothing more than an excuse, if it weren't for NATO, he would use a different excuse, Ukraine was already rejected for NATO membership once before and even today was absolutely nowhere near joining NATO as they can't apply whilst in active conflict (Crimea).

It is so damn obvious that nobody wants this war aside from Putin, it caught even Putin's closest allies off guard, the obvious terror in his Government officials is plain to see, insane Hitler leaders will always find an excuse to do insane shit.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 25 February 2022