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faustian.empire said:
CGI-Quality said:

CAUSE — the police are documented treating black people worse than other groups (not my opinion — what is being filmed).

EFFECT — people accuse the police of bias and, in few cases, take it steps further and go after cops themselves.

Again, dangerous words.

it can work the other way too

CAUSE — a certain group committing more crime hence creating a bad reputation

EFFECT — Police having a bias against people of a certain group because of their bad reputation,hence using brutal means to protect themselves and stop crime.

Problem is, you didn't prove another group commits more crimes. You simply threw your own bias in there, provided a cherry picked graph, and tried to make justifications for bad things happening to a race of people. 

Because you were given far too many chances as it is, and we usually don't tolerate this sort of attack on any race, I'm now enforcing that 'vacation' we talked about. I was very patient and lenient with you, but you took every opportunity to display unjust disdain for a group and it won't be tolerated any longer.