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cycycychris said:

I did find it a bit weird when they announced the DLC that they were referring to as a remaster and not a remake/re-imagining, since all the re-releasing tracks they have done to this point have been remade from the ground up. When I saw the trailer in the direct I did not really notice that these tracks were not taking the remaking style. But after watching the trailer again after the fact, I can definitely see that this does seem to be a remaster like they hinted at and not a remake. While they still look a lot better, it is a bit disappointing that we will not be getting that same standard of quality that we have previously gotten. But I guess we now know why they went with the price of $25.

Weirdly enough,  after watching the video a few times. This issue seems to affect more so the tracks from previous games while the one from Tour meshes better with the aesthetic of MK8 even if it's not totally up to part with the main tracks. Also it does prolly mean we'll get the full track version of Tour's track which are usually played in sections.

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