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Vodacixi said:
Mar1217 said:

When you think about it, the usual classic cups are more so remade tracks from past games.

This one might be straight up go with a more simple remastering approach. Still, even some of the tracks in MK Tour look or in the trailer looked pretty good so I'm not afraid of a butt-ugly job done there. Simply I'll temper my expectations on the graphical front.

Yeah... but Mario Kart 8 elevated the retro tracks visual quality up to 11.

Rainbow Road 64:

Moo Moo Meadows (Wii)

I don't see an upgrade as big as what we got with the base game. Maybe it's because we didn't get to see much of these new remastered tracks. We'll see...

Yup, my point is mosty proven. 

The packs will contain more so remastered track while the ones we had before during the first DLC Wave and base game are closer to reimaginings sorta.

Yet, I'll still take Shroom Ridge HD with more simple HD textures than the now dated pixelated OG tracks of the DS.

Surprisingly enough, even the Tour tracks clearly got some good upgrades in the MK8 rendering engine, so it's still clear they ain't doing a butt job here thankfully.

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