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Angelus said:

Blizzard has that many employees?! Wtf do they even do? They barely ever release any games, so....what...? They just get paid to show up, get sexually harassed for a while, and then go home?

Maybe Activision-Blizzard don't outsource much? Nowadays most AAA's are made by thousands of employees when you add in outsourcing, maybe AB decide to keep all of that in house like Ubisoft does who have around 20,000 employees and thousands of employees per entry of AC or FarCry.

It's a slight worry still, both Activision and Blizzard have 5,000 employees between them, more than XGS and Zenimax combined and yet Activision can barely release a CoD without putting their entire workforce behind it, to the detriment of original content, then we have Blizzard who is struggling to release a single game.

There could be some serious mismanagement going on too, we've had AB employees say that Bobby and management would often come in, toss them a random project while they're in the middle of something else, only to cancel it later down the line which set everything further back.

I think it's going to take years for Phil to fix their content pipeline.