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Those projects are mostly accurate, based on confirmations and trusted sources but Mojang is working on two Minecraft spinoffs as well, I'm also unsure about listing Quake and Wolfenstein 3, it feels like at this point it's either MachineGames is assisting on Quake or MachineGames is doing Wolfenstein 3, I think Quake is more likely to be in development and Wolfenstein 3 has been put on hold.

The studio sizes are a little inaccurate though, I don't know what the source is but there's no way that MachineGames is smaller than Roundhouse or that Obsidian and Rare are larger than The Coalition, Klob's estimations are more accurate but that isn't broken down into a pie chart, Lol.

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Except Mojang is like 600+ and bigger than 343 IIRC, I can't read Klob's disclaimer though but it's probably something like "HQ only" but yeah, XGS and Zenimax were only like 2,500 each, Lol. It's a bit funny that Blizzard alone was larger than XGS and Zenimax combined (and so was Activision).