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aTokenYeti said:

I haven’t been here very long but reading some of this isn’t too surprising to me. I remember being vaguely aware of this site back in 2007-09. The PS3-360 era was a real dogfight and I’m sure that generated a ton of content.

I think that’s probably why traffic fell off too. 8th gen simply wasn’t interesting to talk about from a sales perspective. Nintendo was a no show until the switch, and Microsoft was a no show the whole time.

Perhaps renewed competition from MS and Nintendo will see an uptick in interest in sales discussion. I know that’s why I’m even here

Overall numbers on the site (minus forum posts) have actually improved since the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S launched. I can definitely tell that article views have gone up. Though, we aren't anywhere near the peak during the PS3-360 era.

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