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Chazore said:
Imaginedvl said:

Nobody compared you with anything, talking about idealogy, fearmongering and how baseless fear affected us in history (like starting wars) is not about you, just get over it.

Also, I'm a PC gamer mainly, probably spending more than 4 hours per day playing on my PC, versus maybe 8 hours per week on my consoles. Who keeps calling me things, pretend that people "like me" are doing/saying things, assume that I'm not a PC gamer cause of... my avatar?... then you looked at my age, I mean da fuck is wrong with you lol

Again, stop playing the victim, I'm not judging or telling you what you are or pretend to know what you think/know/play/do... I don't care, I'm just responding to the things you wrote and react to that, and only that.

w/e, keep blablering now. Not going to derail this thread anymore. Said, I would stop responding and I should have.

How about you never respond to me again?. I'd very much love that. I'd give anything for this site to have a a full on block, so then I don't have to see 40 yr olds thinking they know any better, while pissing in the wind to history itself.

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