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EricHiggin said:
twintail said:

In some ways, this may be the better strategy. Like, IF Sony could get Bioware, it'll probably be better than trying to get the whole of EA.

But it also seems like likely now.

If SNY could pick and choose some IP, even without the studios worst case, that would save them a lot of money and would allow them to better target (future) gaps they definitely feel need to be filled and solidified. Then just poach who they need to, like some from those same franchise studios afterwards, lol, or even better, some from Zeni, Acti, and Bliz. LOL.

Like if they could get something like Titanfall, yet couldn't get Respawn, even if they poached a few from Respawn later, then went after a bunch of Acti COD devs, etc, that should work. Create a new PS Studio for them. It would be more of a headache, but more efficient financially.

Have that new studio work on fps/shooter related games beyond Titanfall. SNY has some IP they could put to good use.

Lots of cases like this with different options. It would also be really good PR for SNY. Just taking nibbles instead of stuffing their face.

IP buying seems like more work than its worth, especially if you need to actively find someone to use it.

This is kind of why I think Konami is a bad buy. Good IP, but who is going to use them?

Still, it's an interesting strategy that could yield benefits.