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drkohler said:

All this talk about "panic buying"....sigh.
Sony is growing its developer base slowly but steadily. Only looking at developers that fit and/or complement their existing developer base. That is not going to change, no matter what crazy things MS does. Apart from the fact there is no point in even trying to compete with MS on the monetary level.

MS strategy is just "Buy boatloads front, back, left and right - and hope it sticks". As with this Gamepass thingie, they just throw mass around. Not quality. This seems to be mightily impressive to Americans, not so much in the rest of the world. Phil Spencer may be god to the American gamers, many in the rest in the world consider him a PR mouthpiece with limited grasp pf the gaming business as a whole.

Well someone is not happy about the new deal MS has made thats for sure.

Gamepass has plenty of quality games and even more coming. I'm European and even i can see how much good Phil has done for the xbox brand, so honestly dont know where your getting your "American gamers" from..

Sorry if Xbox doing so good now and looks to finally be able to give Sony some competition again has wounded your ego.

Last edited by zero129 - on 21 January 2022