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Dulfite said:
Bristow9091 said:

Looking at it from their perspective it would definitely seem like a salt in the wound situation. People are upset about losing games etc. and then they come across a "joke thread" referring to them as salty fans (Which in itself is a bannable offence, but I gave Dulfite the option to change it). Surely you understand how that could upset people, right? All I'm doing is enforcing forum rules, and he's changed the poll now even if it's not ideal.

Ease up, enjoy the more amusing things, and if you REALLY think something needs to be addressed, then message me first rather than posting your clear anger in a thread the way you did.

There was no anger in my post, I worded it sternly as I generally do with these things, but I can assure you there was no anger... there are many things that make me angry, but a random thread on a gaming forum isn't one of them lol. Sorry if it came across that way. Also standard protocol with something like this is to post a thread warning letting you know what the issue is, I also feel it comes across as more transparent that way too.

TL;DR reports came in about your poll. I asked you to change it. You did (Although I'd have put it differently). Happy endings all around.

PS. About the "Too much moderation" thing, we have people with the complete opposite viewpoint here too, who think we don't do enough, it's just another part of the endless struggles of being a mod... we're too strict, we're too relaxed, we don't ban enough people, we ban too many people, we hate Microsoft fans, we hate Sony fans, we hate Nintendo fans, we always side with Microsoft fans, we always side with Sony fans, we always side with Nintendo fans, honestly every day it's like someone rolls a dice and whatever it ends up on, that's how people feel towards us lol.