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VAMatt said:
Dulfite said:

Um, what? It was made in jest. There are multiple silly options in that poll that show it isn't a serious poll. I doubt anyone here has 10 RTX's, and I also implied Switch owners are too self absorbed to put their Switch down to want to do this, and I even have representation for the person who is so arrogant they think their game should be on the list. It's a sarcastic poll, I won't be changing it.

Now, I'm giving you a warning about taking things too seriously, about coming into a silly thread meant for the laughs and creativity, and coming out guns blazing against me as if you were already upset about something in your life. If you don't take down your warning, I'll be taking action by posting less/no threads that earn the site clicks.

You have one day.

+1  This couldn't be a more obvious joke. If people are reporting it, they need to......I dunno, chill or something.  

Looking at it from their perspective it would definitely seem like a salt in the wound situation. People are upset about losing games etc. and then they come across a "joke thread" referring to them as salty fans (Which in itself is a bannable offence, but I gave Dulfite the option to change it). Surely you understand how that could upset people, right? All I'm doing is enforcing forum rules, and he's changed the poll now even if it's not ideal.