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Soundwave said:

I don't really care who's right/wrong at this point, it's more of just a sense of bemusement seeing Sony finally get slapped around by someone bigger and having to deal with content being taken away.

People said the same thing when they acquired ZeniMax, so hearing 'finally' again makes it sound as if the previous time just a few months ago didn't happen.

Soundwave said:
I don't believe for a second that Sony wasn't absolutely ruthless in encouraging 3rd parties to stay away/boycott Nintendo and Sega and gave no shits about driving Sega out of the industry and would have done the same to Nintendo with no regrets if they could have.

So seeing the shoe on other foot after all those years is just kinda funny.

Sega were already in financial problems long before the Dreamcast. They launched the Sega Saturn at a higher price than the PlayStation, and people understandably didn't want to buy it.

Sega dug their own grave with poor business decisions for several years, including with Shenmue, which was the most expensive game ever produced at the time, and the sales didn't even cover the development costs. Dreamcast launched cheaper than PS2, but was built with more expensive components, which made it expensive for them to compete with the PS2 through price drops.

Developers cited Dreamcast as difficult to develop for, and the controller didn't have two analogue sticks, like PS2 did, which became standard for gaming.

How is that "shoe on the other foot"?

And with Nintendo opting to go their own way with storage media or hardware not on par with industry standards, I don't think much of any persuasion was needed to keep third parties away from those systems, because many of those companies don't want to spend time porting games that could be time spent making new games.
The recent interview with Square Enix on why they switched from N64 to PS1 is one notable example.

You can cheer for Sony getting setbacks.
But the purchases of so many I.P's at once is not the same thing.
Even if the other companies had sat on their thumbs and made no third party deals of their own for the past 25 years.

Last edited by Hiku - on 20 January 2022