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Imaginedvl said:
zero129 said:

Not if we are going to be expected to pay €1000 or more for the Apple iPS6 with lesser hardware then its competition.

Yah :) That will suck for the gamers! At the end they will sell it tho! 

Apple iPS6 ahah! 

People would defo buy it alright just look at their phones xD.

I could expect the press conference to be something like

"we at Apple believe in innovation in everything we do, thats why we are entering the game market after buying Sony.

I would like to unveil the New Apple iPS6, It is a 12TF powerhouse, thats right we have added a whole 2TF to the PS5's power. We also didnt really think the DualSense was right for our apple gamers so our new controller is called the PSiTouch with no buttons and full touchscreen so if your switching from phone gaming to our console gaming the experience will feel natural and an extension of what we have already build PSiTouch controllers will retail for €200 if you want to play local multi player games. The base iPS6 will cost a simple €900, However the Base system wont come with a power connector as no normal one can power this machine, so you will have to buy our iPS Lighting power connector for €50.

But wait!.. It doesnt stop there as we at Apple believe in giving our gamers choice, thats why we will also be releasing the iPS6 Pro (12.5TF €1100) and iPS6 Pro Max (13TF €1300 Includes power connector) . We cant wait for gamers to rush out and buy the iPS6 line of systems."