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Shaunodon said:
Farsala said:

Any lower AFC seed would have gotten smashed by the Chiefs at home.

I think the biggest waste of space in the playoffs would have to be the Cardinals. They only got in due to a really good early season.

I would say the Eagles were easily the worst team. Nothing about them says they're a playoff team. Still not sure how they even got in.

The Eagles did what I thought the Football Team would do when Washington was 6-6: Take care of the other NFC East teams.

Aside from that, the Eagles were able to consistently win against bad and mediocre teams. Their 9-8 record had only one win against a team with a winning record and that was the Saints when they faced them at a time when the Saints had already severe injury problems. And of course the Eagles benefited from a wild season where 9-8 was bound to get an NFC team into the playoffs.

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