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m0ney said:
Hiku said:

At what point in the game did you want a jump button and for what?

You can't be serious asking that? You are fine with the game promting you to press X to do everything for you?

That's a 58 min long video. The only thing I saw about jumping when I skimmed through it was at 9:20. Is that it?

But to answer your question, in this game? Yes. Because the levels are not focused on platforming. Like in Ocarina of Time. While they were in Mario 64.
They're mainly focusing on puzzles, and using tools to trigger various mechanics that change the layout of your surroundings.

If I don't need a jump button, then why would I want it?

The only difference having a jump button would make in this game that I can think of, is punishing you for a missed jump and falling to your death or something.
Because the levels are not designed in ways where it would feel particularly rewarding to make a jump on your own. They're all very basic.

If a game is designed around and focusing on platforming, then it makes sense to have manual jumping and punishing a player for missing a jump, but it doesn't make sense in games that are not about platforming.

And for the record, I'm not a big fan of this game, but that had nothing to do with the lack of a jump button, but rather that I didn't really enjoy the combat outside of boss battles. The boss battles were excellent though.

Last edited by Hiku - on 18 January 2022