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m0ney said:

Dad of Boy is my most hated game ever, you can't even jump in it, the inventory is a big mess, you can buy 1000 combat moves that are pointless, the story is about not Kratos, you know the god of war? but about some viking dude

who can't feel anything until the boy stabs him with his micro pingis jajaja

Do yourself a favor and play the first 3 games.

>Dad of Boy is my most hated game ever

I respect that's your opinion on the matter, but your problems with the game make no sense. 

Why does it matter if you can jump or not?

The game isn't about Baldur. It's about Kratos (you know the God of War), going on an adventure with his son, learning how to be a better dad. Trying to have some real personal growth.

Last edited by Hiku - on 18 January 2022