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Hiku said:
TalonMan said:

Edit: Immediately after I posted this, I'll note that the comment right before mine supports my "theory" that there are people who click the thumb and then also post something, too!! LOL!!!

And here's another. ;)

Myself, @Ryuu96 and several others have discussed the idea of making votes (both for articles and forum posts) non-anonymous, and that seems to be a solution that a lot of people in here think could solve or mitigate the problems.

What's your take on that? And would that also be too much effort to code at the moment?
The reason I ask is because I believe we discussed this when you first introduced forum likes. So perhaps it's something you've already coded in, but just disabled it? At least for forum likes.

Votes in the forum would be easy to open up because you're correct, when I originally coded it up it was going to allow for a "floating box" on the thumb to list the users - but there was an immediate buzz-saw I ran into when that functionality first went live (even having people named in the notifications caused pushback!), so I was forced to go the other direction (just show counts and also allow users to not be named in notifications). The data is still there and it would probably only take a couple of hours to turn it around, but I still sense a great deal of friction towards doing it and so it's not a can of worms I think I want to open.

Articles would probably take a bit more effort, but for the same reasons surrounding the negativity with forum votes - I'm not sure it's a good idea. Again, I do agree with wrapping some limitations around the up/down voting for Supporters so that they don't have unlimited power - it would likely force them to put more consideration into the posts they "super" up or down vote. Unfortunately, it's just not something that could be coded up in a few minutes...