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"I never quite beautiful this world is."

Some times we don't realize how much something means to us, until we lose it. And some times we can forget how the things we normally enjoy makes us feel.

If you're in a state where the things you normally enjoy feel trivial, or you can't remember the feeling, then I think you're not in a state where you can make rational decisions either. Some days from now, all that may very well come back to you, and you may wonder how you could even have considered giving up, even for a moment.

There's always someone willing to help, and listen. You just need to accept the help.

Hopefully you have someone close to you that you feel comfortable speaking to. And even if you do, if you prefer to speak to a stranger (some times that's easier) there are professionals you can talk to. Or if you want to vent to someone here, my DM's are always open. Please message me if you ever feel like talking.