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zero129 said:
Bandorr said:

I assume you are referring to the "And this is why I went ps5 instead of Xbox this generation," comment from Victor that is -5 right now.

And your response "It almost sounds like your trying to convince yourself of your stance, so in this case MS must be doing something right " that is sitting at -8.

VIctor is explaining that HE doesn't miss most games. HE misses Halo. He has access to Ori, and doesn't care for Horizon. He will miss Elder scrolls and Fallout. So you trying to twist that to "Xbox has no games" just makes you look the fool.

And instead of responding to that you respond with a fairly obnoxious comment and end it with what I'm assuming is an odd smirk? Yet you wonder why your comment that adds no value, attempts to start a fight and generally comes off as douche gets downvoted?

And all this over two comments that are in the negative?

Wow. If thats your take from it clearly you didnt read the rest of his posts on that article. Not only do you take my post completely out of context (Along with trying to make his look better), So good job with doing what you where trying to say i was doing. Anyone can go to the article like i pointed out and see the full context of his posts and mine. My comment added value as he was clearly the one trying to start fights. "Xbox has nothing but Halo and Forza for a whole gen" in one post from him on that article. Or "PC and xbox gamers are not looking for great single player rpgs. Unless its wjrpg. Those would be a waste of money. They would sell really well on ps5 and switch."

Or "Microsoft would make more money by making that game for ps5, it would sell well on ps5, not at all on xbox, xbox gamers want forza and sports and call of duty, online stuff, ps5 owners want great single player games and also online."

"I've been hearing that story since the xbox series X launched over a year ago. Starfield is the only game that could come this year (I bet it will be pushed to 2023). " Or "PC is no home for neither Final fantasy or ubisoft games, assassins creed is usually not very well optimized for PC, and its understandable that these developers favour console as the PC is riddle with piracy." Or "Well it is not helping them. Where's VR for xbox? Where's the amazing game of the year level of exclusives? Where's the evolution in the controller such as adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, touchpad etc?
For a company with so much money, they seem to be on the cheap side."

You see a pattern from him here? (I could even keep going by adding more of his replys from that article here) clearly thats not console warring to you right?. My full reply after reading all that shit "It almost sounds like your trying to convince yourself of your stance, so in this case MS must be doing something right . Meanwhile everyone else is just enjoying their consoles (No matter what one they own) and their games. No matter the platform all of them have something for everyone.

Just to add context as your clearly here trying to make it look like i was the one posting in bad faith and trying to start fights.

Lets see.  First: Good job in actually putting work into your post. You didn't just whine about random things like the previous one. You put time and effort into getting the quotes. formatting them and explaining the. I'm proud of your ability to put the smallest amount of efforts into this. Also sub note - didn't know formatting had two t's in it. Thanks spellcheck for catching that.

Second: I have no clue what context you're using for "good faith" or "bad faith". A Comment is a comment. An opinion is an opinion. They are all subjective. None of them are objective. So there is no "faith" in upvoting or downvoting them. They are what YOU feel like you agree with, or disagree with.

Third: that didn't add context. It didn't add reason, logic, or need. The first comment is not needed. It makes you sound like an asshole. Smug behavior is not justified byd going "everyone else is enjoying their consoles" They aren't related. The first comment was not needed (I said it again).  It added nothing. It proved nothing. It justified no purpose.  You got downvoted for the pointlessness of that comment.

Had you made two comments the douche one and that "everyone else is enjoying their comments one" the second one I doubt would have gotten downvoted.  It tied the second one to the first one so they both got downvoted. Thus no matter what the second one said it wasn't going to make the first one look better.

It feels like you are under the belief that one (or two people) supporters are behind downvoting you.  Yet you can tell from your own thread that likely isn't true.  My first comment has 15 separate upvotes. Separate people, separate accounts etc. Just like your own poll shows.

Fourth: and? IF you object to the comments - report the comments.  IF that is isn't enough then send a message to a moderator and have a discussion with them.

It seems like you are mad that someone isn't getting banned while you are constantly getting banned.  That isn't a matter for this thread, for articles or for voting. It has to do with your behavior, and the mods.

Clearly I made a mistake and making both of these posts. You don't get it - you don't want to get it. So I'm out.

You are bound to love Earthbound.