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"Question, the developer behind experimental game-making satire The Magic Circle, is next working on a South Park project.

The California and Virginia-based studio, which most recently released 2019 co-op horror The Blackout Club, revealed its South Park project via a new job listing.

Question's job ad notes that the studio now includes team members who previously worked on Obsidian's celebrated South Park: The Stick of Truth and Ubisoft's own follow-up Fractured But Hole. It also asks for applicants to have multiplayer development experience."

I absolutely loved the Stick of Truth and the Fracture But Whole. I can't wait to see what they are doing with this game. I hope that they are not going to go away from the turn based combat they had set up in the previous titles. I also hope that multiplayer does not mean a game as service type of experience, hopefully they are just adding in a co-op experience. Also, no Ubisoft on this title.


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