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ironmanDX said:

8 million should be enough for a sequel tbh. That's one hell of a playerbase. Even if half bought it at full or near full price for the sequel...

I'm sure at the time of launch it may not have seemed like a good idea but damn...

Imagine not releasing a new mass effect because of andromeda?

Yes imagine sony doing what EA did and 

"Mass Effect Andromeda studio BioWare Montreal will be absorbed by EA Motive"

Instead the old guard left because they are not happy and the new guard gets to prove themselfs with a brand new IP and not the "son " of that old guard..

People complain there is too much sequels

People bitch they want new ips

People bitch that quality is more important than sales

People bitch a game sold great and metacritic and reviews are the reason a company does not make a sequel...

And lets not mention the usual people with agendas trying to make sony look bad in this like they do in other situations. We dont even know the reason and all the facts, we have two ex employers talking their version.

I swear if they made a sequel instead the same people would say that sony only thinks about money and no one asked for a sequel.