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SSS Tier

-Scud Race Super Gt Plus by Sega, This driver 5 star

Initial D Arcade by Sega go 1:06 mark of the video but start 1:06 until 5 minutes mark , It's like an anime movie exchanging car leads and drifts and insulting/orcomplimenting each other.1:30 to 1:40 hit the sweet spot I squirted. I can't It's better .

R Tuned Ultimate by Sega, Fast and Furious on steroid, 2:30 mark of video that neo tokyo with lights neo under the car and on wing 2:30 to 3:00 What a sweet fast and furious japan looks like. Dream to Life.

Dead Heat Arcade by Namco extremely fun go to 1:57 mark 

Outrun 2 arcade by Sega amazing

Daytona USA 2 Power Edition by Sega love it so much go to 4:25 mark that's where the fun

Nascar Arcade by EA go to 1:39 the drafting and boost mechanic made this racer super fun

Maximum TUne 3DX+ by Namco go to 12:40 mark of the video the story mode and the characters panels made this amazing

Road Fighters 3D arcade by Namco you use 3D glasses and It's fun go to 7:33 mark watch but its funner with 3D glasses

Sega Rally Championship Arcade by Sega Super fun

Fast and Furious Super Cars Arcade by Raw thrills their super fun, they made me get World Record in times Square 

Thrill Drive Arcade by Konami M rated accident racing game go to 2:58 traffic accident never felt this good funner than cruis'n world arcade , Thrill Drive is for expert players because the traffic is many times harder by 10 go to 2:58 mark

H2overdrive better than Hydro Thunder this is my favorite stage look at this game fly, Microsfot own the IP

Hyperdrive arcade by Midway ultra fun futuristic racer

F zero AX by Sega/Nintendo both did great this is my Favorite Stage

Rush 2049 special edition by Midway this arcade had alot of secrets

Indie 500 by Sega more advanced virtua racing 

Storm G by Sega

Artic Thunder Arcade by midway favorite stage , Microsoft owns the IP

now the AAA tiers I rather AAA than A

Mario KArt GP2 arcade Super fun

Cruis'n World Arcade by Midway Mexico is my favorite stage

18 wheeler arcade by Sega Trucks racing rival truck

Ridge racer arcade by Namco very fun old school

Offroad challenge arcade fun

Anything below AAA I wont mention

Edit Arcade racers from arcade cabinet I forgot to mention that in the thread 

Have fun watching.

Offtopic If Mike Brown did Creative director of Forza Horizon 5 which Metacritic'd 92 , while Ralph Fulton was Creative Director of Forza Horizon 3 and 4 metacritic'd 91 and 92 respectively , that means maybe Microsoft can make a 3rd Forza Series ala Street Racing aka Fast and furious with alot of arcade elements something like Midnight Club 3 dub remix and Need for Speed Underground 2/Most Wanted, They can easily do it just need a writer shouldn't be to hard since Forza Horizon series might have multiple writers like FH5 and FH4 for instance? R tuned ultimate street racing and Inital D arcade with engaging stories and long many content and campaigns

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